Top 35 Fantasy Hockey Goalie Rankings - November 21, 2018

Our latest top 60 fantasy hockey goalie rankings. It's been a wild first quarter to the NHL season with plenty of injuries and backups challenging starters for their jobs.

Top 100 Fantasy Hockey Forwards - October 25, 2018

Our latest NHL fantasy hockey forward rankings. Not many drastic shifts near the top, but plenty of moving and shaking in Tiers 4 and 5.

Fantasy Hockey Buy Low & Sell High Tracker, October 2018

Top 35 Fantasy Hockey Goalies - October 18, 2018

No position is more volatile in hockey than goaltending. That said, it's important to not get caught up in a hot or cold stretch of play, especially this early in the season.

Top 60 Fantasy Hockey Defensemen - October 16, 2018

Our first in-season look at the top 60 defensemen in fantasy hockey. With the NHL schedule barely underway, it's important to not overreact to any player's hot or cold start. That said, there are already some surprising situations worth keeping an eye on.

Top 100 Fantasy Hockey Forwards - October 15, 2018

Our first in-season look at the top 100 forwards in fantasy hockey. On the right hand side you'll see each player's previous ranking as well as the number of spots they moved up or down.

NEW FEATURE: Buy Low & Sell High Tracker

Teams have only played a handful of games so far this season, but it's never too early to try to buy low and sell high in fantasy hockey.

Top 35 Goalies - October 2nd, 2018

With the NHL regular season upon us, here's one last pre-season goalie ranking.

Top 60 Defensemen - September 27, 2018

With the regular season just days away, we take another crack at ranking the top 60 defensemen in the NHL.

Our rankings project the next 2 to 3 seasons, and takes into consideration each player's track record, upside, age, team and injury history.

Top 35 Goalies - September 25th

Our top 35 list ranks the value of goalies over the next 2 to 3 years. Factors taken into consideration include track record, upside, age, team and injury history.

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Top 50 Fantasy Hockey Defensemen - January 16, 2018

Here is the first edition of our top 50 fantasy hockey keeper defensemen.

Top 35 Fantasy Hockey Goalies - January 16, 2018

Here are our very first fantasy hockey goalie keeper rankings of 2018.

These rankings consider each goalie's track record, upside, opportunity, team situation and age.  Wins, save percentage and goals against average are the primary statistical categories in consideration.

1Braden HoltbyWAS28.49/16/1989--
2Andrei VasilevskiyTB23.57/25/1994--
3Sergei BobrovskyCBJ29.39/20/1988--
4Carey PriceMTL30.48/16/1987--
5Frederik AndersenTOR28.310/2/1989--
6Matt MurrayPIT23.75/25/1994--
7Jonathan QuickLA32.01/21/1986--
8Devan DubnykMIN31.75/4/1986--
9Connor HellebuyckWPG24.75/19/1993--
10Tuukka RaskBOS30.93/10/1987--
11Martin JonesSJ28.01/10/1990--
12Ben BishopDAL31.211/21/1986--
13Jake AllenSTL27.58/7/1990--
14Cam TalbotEDM30.67/5/1987--
15John GibsonANH24.57/14/1993--

16Pekka RinneNAS35.211/3/1982--
17Cory SchneiderNJ31.93/18/1986--
18Corey CrawfordCHI33.112/31/1984--
19Mike SmithCGY35.83/22/1982--
20Henrik LundqvistNYR35.93/2/1982--
21Marc-Andre FleuryVGK33.211/28/1984--
22Brian ElliottPHI32.84/9/1985--
23Semyon VarlamovCOL29.74/27/1988--
24Craig AndersonOTT36.75/21/1981--
25Robin LehnerBUF26.57/24/1991--
26Antti RaantaAZ28.75/12/1989--
27Scott DarlingCAR29.112/22/1988--
28Jakob MarkstromVAN28.01/31/1990--
29James ReimerFLA29.93/15/1988--
30Jimmy HowardDET33.83/26/1984--
31Jaroslav HalakNYI32.75/13/1985--
32Roberto LuongoFLA38.84/4/1979--
33Petr MrazekDET25.92/14/1992--
34Thomas GreissNYI32.01/29/1986--
35Steve MasonWPG29.75/29/1988--