Fantasy Hockey Rankings Analysis - Feb 2021

Commentary on The Fantasy Hockey Report's forward, goalie and defenseman rankings.

February 23rd
- It's been difficult to round out a top 50 fantasy hockey defenseman list in recent weeks. There seems to be a dropoff after about 40 guys, and then you have a bunch of question marks. Is Duncan Keith still a top 50 guy? Is it time for Evan Bouchard to make the list? Has Ty Smith proven he's a fixture on the list yet? Guys 45-60, in my mind, are almost interchangeable. Names like Tony DeAngelo and Oscar Klefbom would certainly be on that list if they were playing.

February 19th
- Time to start looking at Jonathan Huberdeau as one of the NHL's premier forwards. He often gets forgotten down in Florida, but his 20 points through 14 games is beginning to catch people's attention around the league.

February 18th
- Need any more proof that Connor McDavid (32 points in 18 GP) is far and away the best player, fantasy or otherwise, in the NHL? The offseason talk about Nate MacKinnon being as good or better than him was always nonsense. MacKinnon is older and took longer to get to McDavid's level. McDavid's peak will last longer than MacKinnon's, and his best years will be better than his. McDavid holding strong in the #1 slot on our top 100 fantasy hockey forwards rankings.

February 11th
- Lehner trending down. Fleury trending up. But for how long? Lehner was given the money to be the guy, but Fleury has simply been the better goalie so far this season.
- Varlamov seems to recognize that Sorokin is here to take his job, because he's been playing lights out. Sorokin's time will come - but maybe not yet.

February 7th
- Time to start slowly lowering Bobrovsky down the fantasy hockey goalie rankings. We're now into year two of the Panthers-Bobrovsky experiment and things don't appear to be getting better. There's still always hope with the two time Vezina Trophy winner, but we're going to need to see some results soon.
- Tristan Jarry continues to slip.
- JVR cracks the top 100 fantasy hockey forwards. He's been here before. Is he back? He's enjoying life in the powerhouse Flyers lineup. Lafreniere falls out - for now.

February 3rd
Forwarddefenseman and goalie rankings are more or less updated for the day. Keep in mind that these rankings don't come out all at once - they will be tinkered with on a daily basis as the NHL season progresses.

February 2nd
- Still tinkering with the rankings after a long layoff.  Fantasy hockey goalie rankings are always the toughest to pin down.  What to make of rookie starters like Ilya Samsonov and Tristan Jarry, for instance? The rankings will solidify as the season progresses.

January 31st
- Getting our rankings up and running once again. Let us know what you think - who's missing? Who's too high or too low? Follow The Fantasy Hockey Report on Twitter for more.

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